Industrial / Oil & Gas

Venturi has extensive field experience to help you optimize most water–based industrial processes by providing you the right water treatment for heating, cooling, processing, cleaning, rinsing etc. Our solution will help you contain scale, corrosion, and bacteria activity.

For the food and beverage sector, we will produce purified water that will not interfere with your desired product. Some of the industries we serve include but not limited to: Food and Beverage, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Healthcare etc.

Our solution for industry includes an extensive range of chemicals as an integral part of our package of equipment:

We provide equipment and chemical solutions for a wide range of applications namely:


  • RO antiscalants, cleaners, sanitizers & membrane storage preservatives.
  • RO membranes and modules.
  • Organic and inorganic coagulants, flocculants, filtration acids & filter cleaners.
  • Ion exchange resins and cleaners.
  • MSF antiscalants & antifoams


  • Products for all boiler types, from low pressure steam generators to high pressure, water tube units.
  • Volatile and non-volatile oxygen scavengers.
  • Scale inhibitors, alkalinity builders, dispersants, and on-line cleaners.
  • Internal programs including polymeric “transport” programs, enhanced phosphate treatment(coordinated/congruent/equilibrium) & all-volatile (AVT), etc.
  • Filming, neutralizing and combined amines for every low, medium, and high-pressure application.

Water Softener 

Hardness in water is caused by certain salts especially calcium (Ca²⁺), Manganese (Mg²⁺) and Bicarbonate (HC₀3). These ions are referred to as scale causing which affects pipes, equipment, and RO membranes. 

To pervert this, the hardness must be removed through the exchange of calcium and manganese ions with sodium ions which do not form deposits and scale.

Water hardness levels are important for many industrial applications including but not limited to Breweries, food and beverage, power plant, cooling water make up, boiler feed etc.

We can offer water softeners for households and industries. These softeners can be in stand-alone, twin, and multi-tank configuration.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) 

For an RO plant to function efficiently and economically, the unit and its associated equipment must be routinely maintained to prevent unplanned shutdowns and its attendant knock-on effect on production. 

Our highly trained technicians will routinely visit RO systems of any size to monitor unit performance and maintain the pretreatment system at peak efficiencies. 

During these service visits, we make required adjustments, replenish chemical holding tanks, replace cartridge filters, and schedule any necessary repairs.

Closed systems:

  • Pre-commission cleaning, flushing and passivation of open and closed recirculating cooling water systems of all metallurgies.
  • Inhibitors for every type of closed loop system.

Evaporative Cooling:

  • Inhibitors to control scale, corrosion and fouling in every type of evaporative cooling water system with makeup waters including zero hardness RO product, through tertiary treated effluent, river water, brackish waters, and high hardness borehole water.
  • Modelling of makeup waters under the conditions present in your system to select the most suitable and cost-effective program. Programs can then be customized to suit any application.
  • Oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides, biodispersants & biosurfactants.

At the end of each visit, we update maintenance logs and provide complete documentation of work done.

With our RO preventive maintenance plan, your RO plant will consistently provide the optimum quality and quantity of product water within the design limits of the system. 

As an option, we will also maintain auxiliary system components such as pumps, anti scalants and chlorination dosing stations, UV systems, Softeners etc.

We offer a choice of personalized maintenance packages which will be adapted to consider your real needs and operational dynamics. 

Our personalized packages MUST include.

  • Routine maintenance of the appliances
  • Control of operating parameters
  • Priority intervention for emergency situations
  • Supply and/or replacement of consumable materials (filter cartridges, RO membranes, chemicals, salts)
  • Supply and fitting of replacement parts
  • Unlimited number of extra – subscription interventions whenever necessary