Water For Commercial Market

This is a huge sector comprising livestock farming, flower-growing farms, hotels, resorts, Spas, Car washes, Bakeries, Laundry, etc. Specific water treatment is required for the hospitality industry. The quality of water used for food production or sent to the rooms can make or mar the customer experience. The water that comes out of taps in hotels must be perfect in terms of hygiene, taste, smell, and clarity. That said, customer satisfaction must be the most important concern for hoteliers, if they must attract and retain their customers.

Treated water is also important for hot water, cold water, ice makers, dishwashers, boilers and laundry services operating reliably, and efficiently as poorly treated water can lead to major challenges for heating, domestic water production, and air conditioning systems.


Technical problems that untreated water can cause for the hotel system are well known furred-up coils, pipes blocked with limescale, damaged sanitary ware, and high energy costs.

Hotels need to look after their systems and equipment properly so that they can keep servicing and repair costs low as this is a major component of operational costs.


The use of softened water for the hotel laundry ensures a far better wash quality, the laundry will be soft to touch and lasts longer. This will save the hotel a great deal of money from reduced detergent costs.

Swimming Pools

The water of swimming pools must be perfect in terms of appearance, safety – hygiene and comfort. A cloudy swimming pool is a deal breaker, and your guests are unlikely to come back.

We provide water treatment systems and advisory services for pools. Be it private or public and/or infinity of skimmer.