Water Treatment For Dialysis

The quality of water used in hospitals for dialysis is an essential requirement for the success of dialysis treatment and this water must be always ready and efficient – with little or no tolerance for down time.

This is because of the extremely large volumes of water dialysis patients are exposed to during the process. As a result, the patient is equally exposed to the contaminants in the water if not well treated.

We have on offer, quality, and reliable equipment for the treatment of water for dialysis which are certified as medical water treatment systems with CE marked as class IIb Medical Devices according to Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC.

Our dialysis systems are integrated with hot water sanitation heated to 85°C to destroy microorganisms that can grow on surfaces within the treatment systems and distribution loop.

This greatly reduces or eliminates the need for chemical sanitization saving money and also avoiding the handling and disposal of chemicals.