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We offer a wide range of products for all market audiences.

Services We Provide


We are able to supply and install filtration plants ranging from 1m3/hr upto 120m3/hr capacities by means of automatic pressure vessels and Culligan patented filtering media.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis

We offer Reverse Osmosis systems with suitable pre – treatment set ups for all your industrial feed water requirements. Also as may be required in offshore platforms to derive drinkable water from our sea water desalination plants.

Water Softening

We supply and install ion exchange water softeners both simplex, twin and duplex configurations to suite your commercial and industrial needs.


We specialize in removing total dissolved solids from water through modern deionization methods

Aeration and Degassing

We offer aeration and air stripping of volatile substances like C02, Methane, Hydrogen Suphides from water using Culligan FDA towers.



We provide high-scale disinfection service using automatic chemical feeders and ultraviolet sterilizers

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

We provide water treatment systems and advisory services for pools. Be it : private or public swimming pools, infinity or skimmer and automatic control of base parameters.

Instruments and control

We use state-of-the-art Instruments and control such as pH meters, Redox meters, Turbidity meters, conductivity meters, residual chlorine analyzers, etc for real-time water quality monitors.

Chemical products for reverse osmosis, steam boilers, and cooling systems

Oilfield and drilling chemicals

Waste water. treatment chemicals

Product Range

Side Channel Blowers

Customised system solutions

Vacuum pumps, blowers and compressors

Our Market Range

We pride ourselves in offering services that benefit all types of market audiences while offering top-notch product ranges as well. Here is a list of our market audience



Municipal and Healthcare



Swimming pool and Spa

Commercial buildings, malls, schools, office complex etc


If you have any questions or an individual request for water solutions, you can call us or visit the office:

14b, Layi Otegbade Street,
Somolu, Lagos


Mondays -Fridays 8am – 5pm
Saturdays – 10am-4pm


+234 803 614 1815

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