Filtration is used in many applications; it entails;

  • The removal of suspended solids from water, coarse particles to colloids
  • Absorb and remove color, unpleasant taste and odor as well as organic and inorganic contaminants
  • Removal of iron, Manganese, Arsenic, and other heavy metals
  • Neutralize water acidity
  • Remove Ammonia through accelerated nitrification in biological filters

The appropriate media and chemical conditioning should be selected for the specific application

All these results can be achieved with a proper filtration treatment that in many cases is preceded by a pre–oxidation and chemical conditioning equipment.


Culligan’s industrial filters suitable for commercial applications are entirely fabricated in-house from high-grade carbon steel with internal linings of food-grade epoxy resins (250 – 300 µm) and external corrosion protection using polyurethane paint (80 – 100 µm).

There are also versions in FRP.


The automatic operation of filters is achieved via hydraulic diaphragm valves, driven by a pilot valve connected to an electronic controller that alternates service and backwash cycles.

The time, duration, and frequency of wash cycles can be programmed from the control panel. Automatic flow regulators limit the water flow rate in the different phases, preventing any loss of minerals during backwash and optimizing filtration efficiency during service.

All models, up to 48” feature the hydraulic harness in noryl PVC. Starting from 60” the harness is in cast iron, with epoxy coating.

Culligan Hi-flo and Twin filters cover any requirements for mechanical filtration and for chemico – physical filtration obtained by means of filtrating layers.